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On the road to what you want
you will face everything that you hate.
"Do you normally walk alone in cemetaries at night?" "Maybe..." 
1st-May-2011 10:13 pm
So much has happened since I last posted on here.

I finally started my third year of school and the beginning of my clinical rotations.

Right now I am on the food animal block,
and the past seven days have been so jam-packed,
and exciting
and terrifying
that I don't think I could ever properly do it justice.

I feel like I have learned more in this past week than I did in my entire 1st two years of Vet School.

For one thing I have my own case right now--
His name is Domino and he's a 6-week old Nubian goat that I have to bottle-feed three times a day.
He's got a neurological disease that's known as Dandy Walker's Syndrome in humans, and I have to do physical therapy with him every day.
He's such a little brat and I love him to death.

Some other things I have done so far:

-- Bandaged and treated a laceration on a HUGE cow
-- Performed a Distal Paravertebral Block
-- Inserted jugular catheters and palpated repro tracts
-- Trimmed a steer's hoofs and diagnosed osteomyelitis using radiographs
-- Dehorned a baby goat (Domino of course) using electrocautery and I vaccinated him (he hated that XD)
-- Had to collect rumenal fluid  three times off a donor cow named Bevo in order to transfaunate two calves that presented with chronic diarrhea and anorexia
-- Had to chase down and catch Bevo after he escaped his pen (trying wrangling a 1500 lb steer who refuses to listen...no fun)
-- Diagnosed the pregnancy status of a dog using ultrasound
-- Assessed the health standing of a 500 heifer unit at the dairy and discussed the aesthetics of what makes a good milking production
-- Viewed the milking parlor and learned how they collect and pasteurize it all for us humans to drink ( you don't know science fiction till you see all those metal tubes and bars going every which way)
-- Using a balling gun to give pills
--  Delivered a baby lamb from a sheep in dystocia
-- Milked that same ewe and tube fed her milk to the baby (for the colostrum) and dipped the navel
-- Nerve blocked, dehorned, vaccinated and castrated over 40 head of cattle in one day
-- Delivered a 100 pound calf who was stuck in his mother's womb and then tube fed him AND his brother that was born only hours before
-- Had lectures on all kinds of topics, from nutrition to diseases and disorders we will face as veterinarians in the livestock industry

Not to mention all the basics of catching, chuting, haltering, feeding, treating and TPRing (temp, pulse, resp rate) all the other animals which stay in the clinic every day.

And that's just one week people.

I'm almost always exhausted,
and most times I'm either covered in blood
or poop
or God knows what else...

but dear Lord I LOVE it.

I feel like I have a purpose again
like I'm working towards a goal that means something.

And that in itself is an amazing thing.

On a more negative tone, I am extremely worried about my best friend.
She is going through an extremely difficult time right now
and not much that I ( nor anyone else) could say will help her,
and that makes me terribly, terribly sad.

But I talked to her today and she seems like she is doing better,
so my heart prays that it will stay this way...

Until the next downfall and for all the times after,
and for all the things in-between--
My dearest friend, I will always be here for you.


Hope you all are doing well and moving forward in your lives.
I miss everyone on here,
Hopefully I will get to talk to you all again soon.

Seeing the way things are going, it could be awhile though.

Until then,
keep me in your thoughts
Cause I will be keeping you all with me,

Much love everyone.
See you on the flip-side *waves*

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